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by admin on May 7, 2010

Today I am writing a quick review of a rummy website where I play rummy online and win cash prizes too. Playing rummy online on this website has been my recent addiction and is a great way to play my favorite game, pass my time, enjoy and win money as well.

I enjoy playing card games from a very small age; I have played card games like 7-8 (saat-aath), 3-2-5 (teen-do-panch), chowkdi, 10 pakad (dehle pakad) and Rummy. When I was a child, I used to see Rummy as a game of elderly and I used to stick to 7-8 or if we were 3 people then 3-2-5 but as I graduated a little in the card games school, I jumped to rummy and I started with 13 cards rummy and I use to think that I have grown. It was a good feeling and no doubt I enjoyed playing rummy games.

I used to play it with my family members but soon I developed a friend circle and Rummy was the game we played on almost every weekend. I used to play 13 cards rummy but my friends and also some of my relatives had their own rummy variations. Though everyone was familiar with 13 cards rummy but some played rummy without joker too but I always loved joker because I am pretty lucky with getting jokers in my draw.

As I grew older, I also played games like chokdi and 10 pakad which are very cool card games but they require a minimum of 4 players which sometimes is very difficult as today we have got so busy in our personal stuff, work, business, families etc that forget about playing rummy every weekend, even meeting once in a month is a difficult thing. A friend of mine says that earlier we said “Let’s meet and plan something but these days we say let’s plan and meet someday” which is so true considering our busy life.

Everyone is trying to find different ways of entertaining oneself since they cannot meet friends that often and so I have also found a way to play my favorite card game Rummy that is I play online rummy on with not my friends but yes, I play online rummy against real rummy players for free as well as cash.

I discovered this website on Google and can easily say that provides an excellent platform for playing online rummy game for free as well as cash.

Initially, I thought that I would have to pay to create an account but with, you can create a free rummy account and start playing free rummy online. If you are comfortable which I think anyone would be, you can add cash and start playing rummy for cash and win cash games ;)

To get accustomed with this site, I played some free games and then switched on to playing rummy for cash. The rummy game starts with only Rs. 25 and the Wednesday surprises rummy tournaments they offer have big prizes.

So, go guys, if you cannot meet your friends and play card games, enjoy this rummy website to play rummy online. Cheers!!

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johny December 22, 2010 at 12:05 pm

what about safety & security matters in this site

Sanjeev Manekar January 5, 2011 at 11:15 am

Is it Safe to Play Cash Games On

navinmodi January 5, 2011 at 12:23 pm

Yes, it is absolutely safe to play rummy online on Games24× website. The card distribution methodology is certified by the prestigious ‘ITech Labs’, Australia, which provides certification to some of the largest online card games companies in the world. The payments are routed through HDFC Bank and CCAvenue and the balance is held in a secure HDFC bank account.

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